Where have I been?

2014 Spring Towerhouse
My rhodies last year….looking forward to spring!

Not quilting much, that’s for sure! As many of you know, I took a job at my local county as a property appraiser. Hey, someone has to figure out values for tax purposes,  and it might as well be me! Many years ago I worked for the county doing property tax appraisal work and really enjoyed it. So I decided it was time to go back, and I was thrilled to accept a position there in early January. So that’s where I’ve been. Working full-time in town.

But my quilting studio isn’t gathering dust as I am still quilting a few quilts now and then and will continue to do so. I enjoy it and my customers seem to enjoy what I do, so it will always be part of my life. I’m just doing a tad less of it than I used to.

So I imagine the tone and content on my blog will change over time as my life changes with this new position. Less quilting, more life stuff. Who knows? I still am planning to stay involved in the quilting world to some degree and hope to bring you new and interesting products, patterns, and happenings as I find them. So stay tuned (if you dare!) to what happens next……….

And as always, happy quilting!


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  1. Yes… your customers and friends LOVE your quilting, but are happy for you that you have a new job too.


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