Air New Zealand

Is This Airline Safety Video the 'Most Epic Ever Made?'

Every fun adventure starts with something unique.

Air New Zealand has this covered….in spades….or should I say Hobbits? We watched this video on the way there and back. Enjoy!

Air New Zealand Safety Video

And yes, the big faces and such you see at the beginning of the video in the airport are in the airport! There are giant eagles hanging from the ceiling too. So fun and whimsical. Hobbit references all over the place.

And instead of EXIT signs to indicate how to leave the building, their signs read WAY OUT. Don’t you just love that? Hey, it is the way out after all.

New Zealand Way OUt Sign
Click on the photo (not mine) to take you to the Pinterest page where I found it. My camera batteries ran out before the end of my trip!



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