Cinnamon Bread

I just got my new breadmaker from Zojirushi. I had an old one from the same manufacturer, but after over ten years, I was ready to invest in a new one. The old one actually still works, but it squeaks something fierce. And this new one makes a horizontal loaf instead of a vertical loaf, which is more like the shape I would come up with using my pans.

Starting with one of their recipes in the booklet provided, I made the cinnamon loaf. They had such a good idea to roll it out and cut it up like cinnamon rolls before putting it back in the pan to proof and bake. That’s why it looks so pretty! Great technique. Not sure why I didn’t do this before.

Normally I just use my breadmaker on the dough cycle, and then take it out, shape it, and bake it in my oven so that I can control the crust. But this loaf turned out pretty good baked in the machine. I am going to make a few more, and it may depend on which recipe I use, which way I choose to bake it.

zojirushi breakmaker

But I’m off to a good start! The breakmaker is a good looking machine (I realize that’s not an important factor for some of you, but I like good looking kitchen appliances!) Yeah, it’s true. I’m a kitchen appliance snob. Who knew?

So that’s my bread story. Does it relate to quilting? Nope.

Happy baking!



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