2015 Blackberry Jam Quilt Show Winners!

2015 Pine Needlers Raffle QuiltViewer’s Choice Awards

Thanks to all who helped put together the awards portion of our amazing quilt show! What an exciting show it was! We’d like to announce all of the award winners for the 2015 Viewer’s Choice and they are:



1st place – #33, “Urban Owls” by Kathleen Frazer
2nd place – #26, “Night Star” by Lisa Bee-Wilson
3rd place – #1, “Hand in Hand” by Chris Daniels

Best Traditional

1st place – #42, “Pine Needlers Round Robin” by Carey Ravare
2nd place – #38, “Bend Blocks” by Teri Harter
3rd place – #37, “Sunflower Delight” by Teri Harter

Best Holiday

1st place – #6, “Celtic Knot” by Gerry Burr

Best Small-Sized

1st place – #11, “Martha’s Mexican Star Quilt” by Martha Austin
2nd place – #34, “Tumbling Blocks” by Sallie Mansbacher
3rd place – #9, “Pieces of My Heart” by Gerry Burr
Best Applique:                 1st place – #41, “Bertie’s Year” by Carey Ravare

Best Color

1st place – #21, “Friendship” by Joyce Weaver
2nd place – #28, “Green Jungle” by Lisa Bee-Wilson
3rd place – #4, “Lovely Ladders” by Chris Daniels

Best Challenge Fabric Piece

1st place – #29, “Safari Animals” by Diane Stephens
2nd place – #43, “Charley” by Carey Ravare
3rd place – #24, “2015 Challenge Quilt” by Lisa Bee-Wilson

Best Quilting

1st place –  #25, “Squared” by Lisa Bee-Wilson

Best Art Quilt

1st place – #7, “In Memory of Sackett” by Gerry Burr
2nd place – #35, “Adventure Awaits” by Sydney-Elise Miller

Honorable Mentions

“Denim Daydream” by Debi Brooks
“Ben’s Quilt” by Chris Daniels
“Gary’s Cabin” by Teri Harter
“Twisting With the Stars” by Martha Austin
“Radiant Stars” by Morgan Ravare


“Urban Owls” by Kathleen Frazer

We’d like to express our gratitude to Kennette Blotzer from Something to Crow About, who took time out of her busy schedule to visit our quilt show and judge our quilts with an expert eye. We hope you had a great time!

logoA special thank you to Carey Ravare and the award making team, who put together the most beautiful ribbons in the region.

Congratulations to all of our winners!  A huge thank you to our viewers, who recognized so much beauty and talent, and took the time to vote and support our show.

Want more information about the show? Want to enter your quilt next year? Check out our Blackberry Jam Quilt Show website.

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