Halloween Wall Hanging

Halloween Cats Halloween is upon us!

I found this cute project on Pinterest. And although it’s designed for a paper craft project, I thought it would look good in fabric too.

So in an afternoon (yes, you read that right!) I made it in the form of a wall hanging. How was I able to make it so quickly? Well, it was all iron-on applique using scrappy assorted black fabrics. There is no blanket stitching around the edges (way too time consuming at this point in my life!). Bing! And no quilting. I just made a “pillow case” type sandwich and inside out it went. Bang! Stitched around the edges to hold it. Boom! I even added in the hanging sleeve when I made the sandwich so I didn’t have to sew it on later. And of course there was no binding to do because it was turned inside out. Then my hubby cut me a thin piece of wood to go inside the hanging sleeve so I could bring it to work and hang it there (that only took about 5 minutes)! Done!

Sometimes I even amaze myself. Bing. Bang. Boom. Done! Happy Halloween!

Halloween Cats 2015


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