Make It Yourself Magazine

Make It Yourself Magazine
My projects start on page 53!

Check out the latest issue of Make It Yourself Magazine!

This is the result of another project collaboration with Sheila Sinclair Snyder. She is so creative and fun to work with! Whenever we have the opportunity to work (or is it play?) together, something wonderful always comes from it. Thank you for that Sheila!

Last year we did some up-cycled sweater projects for this magazine, and now they are featuring some of our coiled projects in this Fall/Winter issue of Make It Yourself! Starting on page 53 you will see some fabulous small projects to make. Use your leftover sweaters or your leftover cotton strips….either can work and it’s really fun. And the best part? They can be done really quickly! So if you are needing to make some holiday gifts this year, these won’t break the bank, nor do they take much time. And they are oh so fun!

I found the magazine at my local JoAnn’s, but you can also order them online too. Oh, and there are “other” totally cool projects in this issue….so enjoy!

Happy quilting!

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