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When you can no longer fit your fabric in the very huge fabric cabinet (made specially for my stash), it’s time to let go. I’ve been collecting fabrics for over 25 years and it’s official: I now have enough fabric! So it’s time to release some of it back out into the universe so it can be used instead of sitting in my stash.

studio purge 2016

I must admit, it was hard to get started, but once I got rolling, it was easy. All I had to do was think to myself, “will I EVER use this piece?” and after a tossing the first few pieces in the give-away bag, it got easier and easier. Part of this is because my colors and style choices have changed over the years, and part of it is because I was motivated to have my fabric FIT in my cabinet. I ended up with a very large bag of give-away fabric; not sure but I think it tops 30 pounds or more.

And now isn’t it beautiful?! And then….

I’ve been wanting to paint for quite some time, and so yesterday I took almost everything out of the studio (can you say purge?) and got out the blue tape, brush, paint and drop cloth and went to town. Because it was such a small area, it really didn’t take long. And because my husband saves EVERY paint he’s every used, we had just the right color for this spot…a sort of dark warm greenish gray. Nice! I love the half wall effect.

I’ve ordered a cabinet which should be arriving before Christmas, so the space stays empty until I put that together. So stay tuned for more exciting episodes of the studio remodel to come!
studio 2016 redo


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  1. Lisa, EVQ would love to have your fabric donation. We are a 501(c)(3) organization so we could give you a nice tax deduction. I can even come pick it up if you’d care to give! Thanks for thinking about it.


    1. Certainly! I would love to give some of it to your group. Depending on your schedule, I could meet you one day in town near my work for a hand-off.


  2. What a great idea! Perhaps if more folks decide they want to do the same, we might have a “fabric swap”…who knows what treasures are lurking in our stashes!


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