Modern Wall Hanging

modern wall hanging

modern wall hanging

modern wall hanging

This is a small wall hanging I put together as a present for my sister. The inspiration was the fabric she made in a printmaking class years ago. There are two fabrics in it that she made; one is the light green with frilly circles, and the other is the “striped”  green fabric which has several colors of green in it.

The camera color was a bit off as the dark fabric you see is actually a dark gray fabric. I did some straight line (well, in my world as a free-hander it’s NEVER straight!) with some pebbled areas as well. A few triangles were left completely unquilted just to give it that “edge” it needed. I used a hi-loft polyester batting so it has some nice definition.

I love doing this type of work. Very free-form, very relaxing. No wrongs, just a lot of rights!

Happy quilting!


9 Replies to “Modern Wall Hanging”

  1. I do love my wall hanging! It adds some much-needed life to my standard gray office environment. It’s hung where I can see it at all times. I’ll send a photo when I complete the tableau with a plant in a black pot. Thanks, Lisa!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. Hi Lisa,

    Love the wall hanging.

    I have a quilt top ready to be quilted, didn’t know if you were interested, or had time. It’s about 50 by 60 inches and I need it by the end of February. Let me know if that’s a possibility.

    Shirley >


  3. Love the wall hanging! Your balance of the activity in the fabric pattern, color intensity and variations in angles and sizes is perfect. I hope you will patent this design as well as your others…if not templates, then conceptual!


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