Ugly Sweater Contest Winner!

ugly sweater
Tony in his ugly sweater, and me in mine.

This year I was the lucky winner of the Ugly Sweater Contest at work. Yeah, I know, people still do that sort of thing. I found my stunning sweater at St. Vinny’s for $4.99. The cardinal that sits on my shoulder was added on to promote my sweater to my office mates. After a morning of PR work (in-between my regular work), I won the grand prize: a $25 gift certificate for Target. Pretty sweet, right? As one of my co-workers exclaimed, that was quite an investment on my part.

Yep. You bet!

Oh, and the best part? Some of the people thought my sweater was actually quite pretty and there were two ladies that wanted it. I gave it away after I collected my prize, so it was a win-win all around!


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    1. No, darn. It would have looked good on my mantel. Oh wait, I don’t have a mantel! It got taken down 10 years ago and Neil has yet to put it back up. Hmmmmmm.


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