Public Service Recognition Week

Who knew? I’m a government worker and I didn’t know. Possibly because my department doesn’t celebrate such things. Or do we? My co-worker discovered this information and so we decided to plan something on our own for Public Service Recognition Week.

In our defense, we do have a lot of talented, wonderful people working in our department who deserve recognition and support. There are so many restrictions being a government employee that more time is spent working our way around red tape than you might imagine. So my co-worker and I are going to keep things simple (colored paper is involved) and visual, and low-tech….but inspiring none the less.

And stay tuned, because if I remember, I’ll be sure to post photos of what we did!


2 Replies to “Public Service Recognition Week”

  1. Sounds like a great challenge for your group. I’m sure whatever you and your friends come up with will be fun. You are recognized by me……


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