Win Something!

Cheers to 2018! Our friends at have come up with this fun giveaway. You can submit an entry every day! 50 lucky winners will be selected to receive grab bags full of awesome fabrics. You can even choose from 3 grab bag options to make sure it meets your creative needs!

Entries open Tuesday and will be open 1/16-1/25/18. Winners will be announced on 1/26.

Click HERE to enter!


4 Replies to “Win Something!”

  1. Hi LISA, This reminded me of my quilt. Any progress yet? And I think you have my Quiltfolk magazine. I have some others if you want to see them.

    Looking forward to spring! Kathy



    1. No, but yes! It’s hanging out on my frame right now! It’s the next one up. I was sick over the holidays and then had to do the BBJam raffle quilt….but now my mojo is back and yours is next. 🙂 Thank you for your patience.


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