Buche de Noel

Buche de Noel 2017

It’s been years and years since I made one of these. I used to bake a wee bit more than I do now. The problem is, if I bake it, I will eat it! And then I might as well just attach the fat directly to my hips, right?

Back in the day I used to work for Cocolat in the SF Bay Area. I was a store manager and was thrilled to be surrounded with the super-high quality desserts and truffles created by Alice Medrich. I was very sad when the company “went away.” But I still have the taste for very good chocolate, and I purchase my 11 pound blocks of chocolate from various purveyors. For years I made fresh truffles every Christmas.

I have these two books from Alice’s collection (the oldest two):

So this year I dusted off Alice’s cookbook and made a Buche de Noel and the meringue mushrooms that go along with it. I was a bit out of practice, but it all turned out just fine and was delicious!

And yes, it took three days to make (evenings after work)….so not something I have time to do on a regular basis! But very fun indeed.


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  1. It looks beautiful and I’m sure taste as good as it looks. So proud of you. Keeping your hand in, is a good idea. Nice job, Teri


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