Nanaimo Bars

My former co-worker Isabelle got a new job and so to celebrate, I made her this requested dessert! I had never made Nanaimo Bars before, but it was a fun experience and not too difficult. They came out looking great, and I learned a new recipe in the process. Nanaimo Bars are a favorite Canadian dessert; who knew eh?

Here is the recipe I used: Nanaimo Bars Recipe – NYT Cooking


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  1. oh my gosh, Nanaimo bars are so good. My first was a gift from a friend. Now each time I’m in Canada, and the waistline allows, I’m ready to devour.


    1. Absolutely yes! But darned the waistline thing….!!!! And why is it that we don’t GAIN muscle mass as we age? What’s up with that?


  2. Nanaimo bars have been my family’s holiday tradition for decades. Over the years, we’ve made modification that reflect our family’s taste for orange-chocolate and mint chocolate. Essentially, the recipe is the change with a slight modification of the mid-layer and the bottom layer. Always the favorite dessert during December.



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