Pine Needler Etsy Site

The ladies of the Pine Needlers Quilt Group have outdone themselves again! Shown above are some of the amazing handmade items we have for sale on our Etsy site. And if they don’t sell on Etsy, they will be moved to the sale table at the Blackberry Jam Quilt Show. There are many more items that aren’t listed on Etsy, so you definitely want to come to the quilt show and check it out!

These are really detailed and beautiful items, each handmade with love and care. Those above are from Sheila (of License to Quilt), Wanda, Lora, and Teri. Most of these sell really fast because they are screaming deals for such detailed work. Shop early and often, as they say! We’ve already sold one item after the listings were up for only one day!

Need to know more about the quilt show? Check out our website.

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