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2012 Blackberry Jam Award Ribbons for Quilt Show

It’s not too late to enter your quilt in the 15th Annual Blackberry Jam Quilt Show. Fill out your entry by July 15th; click here to go to the quilt show website for information and the entry form. It’s easy, simple, no fancy sleeve required!

Then all you have to do is drop off your quilt in Lowell on Friday, July 26th before the show, or arrange for pick up in town, and that’s it. Simple, right?

We love to have a variety of quilts, and we’d love YOUR quilt too! And if you want to sell your quilt, you can do that too.

Can we make this any easier?


2 Replies to “Enter Your Quilt”

  1. I started the process last night and was frustrated because I couldn’t fill the form out on the computer. I had to print the form and hand write the info. Argh! Last year I could download the form and then fill out the form on my computer. Couldn’t get it to work this year. Hoping it’s operator error on my part. Will check with Lora as she was the one who helped me work around the issue last year.

    Cool outreach! Good idea.



    1. Sorry for the trouble! I hope Lora has an answer for you because we don’t want this to be difficult. I was able to fill mine out online and then print them out.


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