Yep, Going Over to the Darkside!

Knitting? What’s that you say? Oh nooooo…..!!!!

Yes, I’m finally going to experiment with knitting. Seems like a good thing to learn while I have some “down time.” Good for my brain. And what pretty red yarn, eh?

I’ve always been inspired by the great knitters in my quilt group (I’m talking about YOU…Teri, Virginia, Mari, Joyce, Julie….!!) So I thought it was time I give it a go. Don’t know if I’ll like it, or even be good at it, but now is the time. And what cool phrases and words I’ll get to know, like: “cast on” and “purl.” It’s a whole new world!

My husband grew up with a mom and four sisters who ALL knitted, so he said he could show me how. There is also bluprint for online classes if I get stuck. Maybe I should grab the TV remote now?

Wish me luck!




6 Replies to “Yep, Going Over to the Darkside!”

  1. Go you!… knitting is fun, as is crocheting, which is a bit easier. I can do both although not as experienced as the others you mentioned. What are you going to make?


    1. I’m going to make a scarf. It’s the beginners pattern in the picture. I guess I didn’t know you knitted too! Wow, I’m totally surrounded! (Which is awesome….it takes a village!)


  2. I wish you luck, but I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it. Whether or not you like it, and continue enjoying knitting, that remains to be seen.. We’re here for you. When you feel like company just let me know and I’ll come sit with you and knit. Enjoy, and heal fast. Hugs, Teri


    1. Sweet! A knitting session! I love the sound of that. Maybe some hot chocolate or tea to go along with that? Sitting, knitting! Let’s do it.


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