Merry Christmas!

Some years there are a lot of decorations at my house. Some years there aren’t….this is one of those years. But not to worry as there is a LOT of happy and grateful holiday spirit floating around nevertheless!

The only decoration I have this year is the little lighted mercury glass tree (shown above). It’s really sweet, and as it gets dark so early now, I have it on all day. And the good news is it will be easy to put away the holiday decorations this year!

The hubby has been spending all of his time taking care of me as I recover from surgery (which is going well and all is good!). So the last thing I was going to ask him to do was to take all the decorations out of the shed. It is our custom to pick up a special live (in a pot) Christmas tree dug out of the ground (and then after the holiday plant it on our property); but that will have to wait until next year.

I’m thankful for all those who have supported me along my journey this year. A new job, new friends, old friends, quilting customers, family, neighbors….and, of course, lately all my “hipster sisters!”

Merry Christmas to you all!

PS. And here are the cookies I would have made for you had I actually been able to stand and bake! But the good news is that these are totally NO CALORIE and you can look at them as much as you like! Ha! Or should I say, “ho, ho, ho!” Enjoy. (Or is that too “Grinchy?”)



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  1. Thanks Wilsons for your fun, heartfelt Christmas greeting. We are low key this year also, but we still feel the love. Cookies are amazing. Heal fast. Quilt/Sew fast. Knit fast. Bake fast. Happy New Year from the Harters.


  2. Thank you, Lisa! These cookies are perfect for the low-carb diet and are keto-friendly, too! We have one of those old ceramic trees that Richard’s step-mom made for him and that is our decoration this year. Oh we do have a wreath on the door too!


    1. That is so fun! Thank you for having a sense of humor about all this holiday stuff! I thought about getting a wreath, but it didn’t happen this year. Merry Christmas! Enjoy the “cookies!”


  3. Some years we do it all, and some we do just a little bit… It’s a little bit year. We are just thankful for family and friends who help us along life’s bumpy journey. Merry Christmas and every blessing in 2020 to the Wilson’s and Willow from the Burr’s and Saylor.


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