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My site is enjoying a resurgence of visitors since the pandemic hit. Who knew? But it’s a lovely thing, so I’ve started putting more and more items up on the site.

In my efforts to reduce, reuse, recycle, it is wonderful to be able to move things out into the world and have people use them. I have SO MUCH stuff! I’ve been de-cluttering for the past several years, and now I’m de-stashing too! When you have more fabric and sewing materials than you can use in a lifetime, it’s time to move it along.

So check out my latest fun offering, a Mystery Fat Quarter Bundle!

I used to love going to the quilt shop in Cannon Beach, Oregon, and there in the back of the shop they had a basket filled with brown paper lunch sacks full of odd sizes of mystery fabric. Each of the girls in my group would buy one (or more!) and that night with wine in hand, we would open up the bags and laugh and swap and just enjoy. I’m hoping you and your quilt friends will have the same experience when opening up my Mystery Fat Quarter Bundles!

Happy quilting! Bee well.



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