Mystery Bundle Hot off the Press!

And my very first “Mystery Bundle” is out the door! Thank you Martha for being willing to jump into the fray, to put your toes in the water, to go where no one has gone before…..! And yes, if you live locally and want to pick up (yep, 6′ social distancing and masks at the ready), you can contact me directly and not go through my Etsy site to purchase these, thereby avoiding shipping charges. What the heck!

These are so fun to put together and I think they will make nice low-calorie treats for you and your quilting – or face mask making – friends. And oh so pretty too! Just pick your colorway, and I’ll do the rest. If you’re like me, a little treat now and then, a little color in your life, a little chunk of positiveness….a need or a want? You decide.

Oh, and in case you hadn’t seen my Etsy listing for these, the “Mystery Bundle” is a bundle of 6 fat quarters for $14.95 + shipping, loosely relating to the colorway you choose!

And you’re waiting for what?

Bee well!

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