Next Level Placemats

Green fabric (I know, my camera didn’t pick up the right color of green that this really is!), a hint of leaves, and a bunch of feathers. A friend needed placemats, and this design just popped out of my brain. Swirly, windy, leafy, feathery fun!

Yep, I did it on my longarm even though they are so tiny (by comparison to a regular sized quilt). It’s super fun to turn my brain loose and see what comes out.

Happy quilting in the new year!


2 Replies to “Next Level Placemats”

  1. I think all the storm and wind and rain we’ve had of late went into your brain and came out as beautifully quilted placemats! Great job and love that they are all different.


    1. Good eye Gerry! They indeed ARE all different. I little squares are different sizes with different fabrics, and the feathers are different on each placemat. Even the straight line work is horizontal on two, and vertical on the other two. You were paying ATTENTION!!


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