Create Dishtowels Using Cricut

Oh my. Inspiration finally STRUCK! Quite a long time ago, actually a very long time ago, I purchased some 100% cotton blank dishtowels. Well I finally figured out what I wanted to do with them. They are going to be gifts, and hopefully useful gifts (the best kind).

Scrolling through the zillions of images on Cricut Access, I found a few that resonated and were just right for these irreverent dishtowels. Gosh how I love my Cricut Maker machine! It makes things easy and professional looking. Win-win! Cool, right?

Head over to Cricut and see what is happening. Get out there and do some of your own crafty projects!

PS My next project is going to involve fusible ink. Cricut has had this product out for awhile, and now may be the time for me to jump in. 30% off fusible ink until March 5, 2022. Just in case you are headed that direction as well.


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