Labor Day Sale – Get to Work on Learning!

I’ve been a Craftsy member (and affiliate) for several years and I love it. When the mood strikes to take a class, it’s there waiting for me. And I can re-watch if I like. Rinse, repeat. Kind of like drinking wine?

Click HERE to head over to the Craftsy site.

If you join up, or find a class, ENJOY!


Irish Coffee Cake from Craftsy Class

While I was sewing this week, I was watching a Craftsy class. This “Irish Whisky Cake” looked easy and fast and pretty spectacular. So I gave it a try.

Sure enough, it was as easy as the class video said it would be! Darned if I don’t love my premium membership. I can watch any class at any time. And while I don’t have a lot of time to watch the classes, they certainly are fun to flip through until I find one like this, that inspires me.

Since the cake is a combination of coffee and chocolate, I thought I’d use Kahlua instead of Whisky for the whipped cream. Sure enough, it tasted pretty good. I didn’t have the white chocolate and dark chocolate bars the curls called for, so I substituted your basic Hershey’s Milk chocolate and the curls came out just fine. I did small ones using my potato peeler. I’m nothing if not flexible when it comes to chocolate!

So whether watch one class, or become a premium member, Craftsy will fill up your afternoon with fun!

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Calling All Knitters

Yes, I gone to the “dark side” and am now quilting and knitting. Who knew? But really I like the portability of knitting as I can easily bring projects with me in the car, on trips, etc. And after my last experience of forgetting my entire quilt project on a quilt retreat (who does that?), my knitting project saved the day as I had something to work on. Is it me, or do other people do silly things like that?


Anyway, click on the image above to head to Craftsy and check out their Memorial Day sale items, and knitting classes.


Need a New Craftsy Project?

Craftsy is BACK!

And yes, as part of their giant library of classes, they do have some FREE CLASSES available!

It started out life as Craftsy a few years ago, then it became Bluprint, and now it’s Craftsy again! I’ve personally been a premium member of both for a couple years now and really enjoy all the classes. I can watch any class on their platform, so I go back and forth from cooking classes to quilting classes and now to knitting classes. Especially now that many of us are at home more often than not, it’s a great way to entertain yourself and have some fun.

I just re-upped my membership for another year as sourdough bread is my new challenge! What’s YOUR new thing?

So if you’re looking for something new to learn and do, check it out!