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The Fun to be Had with Cricut!

Oh the fun to be had with Cricut! I’ve been a member for about 3 years now and love being able to make my own cards or create cute little boxes. While I haven’t even scratched the surface of what is possible, it’s lovely knowing my little machine is there waiting for me when I’m ready.

So if you are looking for more stuff to do during our pandemic, head over to Cricut and check it out. And if you already own one of the Cricut machines, and haven’t yet signed up for Cricut Access, do it now. There are so many images to use, it’s unbelievably fun!

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Halloween Treats


Well my spooky annual Halloween party isn’t happening this year due to obvious reasons, but that doesn’t mean the fun can’t continue. I made these cute little treat bags I made using my Cricut Maker for my team at work. As much of my team is flung far and wide across the county, they receive these in an envelope via courier, and hopefully it makes them smile.

But lookout because this year I made EXTRA! What does that mean? Well, it could mean that I might be reverse trick or treating in my neighborhood. Costume? No costume? I’m not sure yet. But whatever happens, it could be SCARY!

Happy Halloween to you all!

*If you have a Cricut machine, or are thinking about one, check out their “Inspirational” blog.

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Cricut & The Fox

What did the fox say? Who knows, and even though I don’t have this cool little machine the “Cricut Joy,” (I have the Cricut Maker), I was drawn in by the fox image on the coffee mug! Ah marketing, gotta love it.

What can you do with the Cricut Joy?

But whichever Cricut machine you might have, it’s all fun. I enjoy my machine all year long, but THIS time of year is when it really cranks out the fun!

Happy quilting, knitting, sewing, or whatever!

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Cricut for the Holidays

Oh my gosh I love using my Cricut Maker! These cute little boxes were designed for me so all I had to do was push the button. Well I also had to pick out the paper color….does that count as designing the boxes? Ha!

I made a bunch of these for my crew at my new job. Filled them with chocolate Hershey’s Kisses. It’s so fun to be able to do this! Can’t wait for the next holiday….

Happy Holidays!