A little Cricut told me….

2017-10-22 07_46_24-Cricut Maker _ Meet the ultimate smart cutting machine

I’m so excited I’ve just ordered a new Cricut machine!

There are a couple gals at work who have these types of machines, and the projects they create are amazing, so I can’t wait to see what kind of trouble I can get into! And now I won’t have to bother them with all my design requests.

In addition to all the paper and vinyl crafts I can create, this new machine will cut FABRIC. Yes, that’s right, you heard me correctly. It will cut fabric. Being a quilter, I’m running through all the possibilities in my mind. Because I don’t have enough to do.

My intention is to blog about the ups and downs of learning this new machine, software, and process. Learning new skills is good for the brain, and I’m guessing new synapses will be firing up regularly! So stay tuned for more to come!


Framed Quilted T-Shirt Art

This is a keeper! I cut up an old t-shirt from my business (Mocha Lisa) and quilted it with a thin batting. The cross-hatch design is kind of like a chain-link fence, don’t you think? Perfect to keep with the dog-themed shirt.

Then I found an old beat up picture frame at St. Vincent de Paul, spray painted it black, and cut the quilted piece to fit.  Then I taped the back to hold the quilt in, put on a picture frame hanger, and WA LA….wall art.

I absolutely love this and am going to make more. Look out t-shirt drawer, here I come!

And maybe I should offer this up for my customers? Perhaps not the framing part, but I certainly could do the quilting part.


Paper Flowers

I’ve been making paper flowers lately, and here are some that ended up in Wanda N’s hew house. They go amazingly well with that cute wall hanging too, right? And what a nice wall hanging that is.

Coming soon….more pictures of the paper flowers in my studio. I know, I’ve said that before. But really….hear me now and believe me later.

Giant Paper Flowers

paper flower paper flower

Oh my gosh I’m having so much fun making these giant paper flowers!

This video from Lana Radetskiy  will help you get started. All you need is cardstock in assorted colors, glue gun, scissors and an attitude! I purchased a bunch of assorted color packs at Michael’s that worked really well.

OK, for full disclosure….I had a cup of coffee too! Stay tuned for more photos once I start hanging them on my wall in my “refurbished” sewing room.