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T-Shirt Memory Quilt

Finally got out those old t-shirts and made something with them! These are from my hikes, walks, and rowing days of yesteryear.

And of course, the “sensitive artist” t-shirt was placed on the back in case anyone decided they didn’t like the quilt…ha! What’s not to like? Lots of color. Nothing matches. Perfect. And in case you too need a “sensitive artist” t-shirt, the designer is Fred Babb. I picked up this shirt at a museum when traveling to Sacramento years ago.

Striped fabrics are really fun to work with, and lo and behold, when I went into my stash I found quite a few. Amazingly I still have a lot of striped fabrics left, even after making this colorful quilt. Who knew?

Yes, I’ll keep working on stash busting!

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Tired of Cutting Your Quilting Fabric?

Then maybe you should consider “pre-cuts?” These are fabrics that are already cut for you. Wow. Sweet. That’s simply too easy, right? You pay a little more for these jewels, but they come ready to sew if you are using just that size of block. Time is money!

I started shopping at Connecting Threads years and years ago. Even went to their Vancouver shop once. I’m guessing now everything has moved online, of course. Anyway, they are a good, solid company and great to deal with. Check them out!