Edibles in My Garden

May 2013 Sunroom garden (3)

….and see what’s blooming! These are chives are beautiful and tasty.


Potato Doughnuts

Potato Donutsby Lisa Bee-Wilson

I start each year out with the idea that I will master one food. I fell in love with the potato doughnuts from Hideaway Bakery in Eugene, and thought that would be a good example of a perfect style of doughnut to achieve. Well in my diligent way I started in, made my first batch….and oops! They came out perfect. Mission accomplished! And then of course when I saw all the oil I had to use for frying, I figured this would be a recipe I would make only once in a while! (Not like the BBQ Pizza I was cranking out every few weeks two summers ago!) So I checked that off my list.

Now I’m on to caramel……but more on that later!

Shouldn’t you be getting back to your quilting?

If I’m Not Quilting…I’m Baking!

I found this artisan bread recipe on line searching for “dutch oven bread”  and it said even a 6 year old could make it. So I thought, hey, I’m at least 6 years old, so I could make it! And sure enough, it’s the easiest, most resilient loaf of bread I’ve ever made. And it’s got a fabulous crunchy crust, a chewy texture, and it’s hard to mess it up. I only do the first rise…and let the mixture sit for anywhere from 6 – 18 hours…it’s always good no matter what I do.