Free Projects

How about a FREE project from C&T Publishing? Looking for something to do? Tired of the same old thing? So check out these free projects. There are tons and tons of them, and one might just be right for you.

And then just because it’s the middle of winter, I thought I’d brighten your day with some summer flowers from my garden!


Free Valentine’s Pattern

How about a fun little free pattern to make for Valentine’s Day?

It’s that time of year when candy dishes are filled with conversation hearts- the perfect candies to show that special someone how you’re feeling and also the perfect inspiration for a fun Valentine’s Day quilt.

This Be Mine quilt is a fun throw size quilt to make, and using Cotton + Steel’s Ombre Pigment fabric is a great way to create an ombre effect with the hearts. This is also the time to break out or build up your stash of black and white quilting cotton. You can also use solid fabric for the background, but the scrappiness of the black and white fabric is a lot of fun.

Have fun! And happy Valentine’s Day!