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Spring has Sprung in Oregon

Spring is here! Or I think it’s here. My garden thinks it’s here, so that’s good enough for me.

I must say that having 6 1/2 acres to play on during a pandemic is not a bad thing. There are so many parts to our garden now, after 18 years of rock moving, ground shaping, bushwacking, trimming, weeding, trail building, tree cutting, clearing out plants that expanded of their own free will, and planting, digging up, moving and re-planting. It’s a process to be sure. Each year the property gives us such delight in unexpected ways. It is an ever-changing landscape and garden: oops tree fell down in windstorm, hey, now there is more sun….what will grow there?!

There is a rhododendron and maple garden, the sunroom garden, the timber bamboo garden….and the “hiking” trail being created that is over one mile and growing! Yes, it’s all a lot of work. Sometimes it seems overwhelming. But this year it was a blessing.

Enjoy and get out there if Spring has come to your neck of the woods!

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Pin Placement

You know all those enamel and other pins you collect over time? Well I had them in a drawer and could never SEE them. I wanted to SEE them!

So I made a simple little “quilt” and pinned them all to it, and then hung it where I would see it every day. And I love it. So simple, and it brings back the memories of all the pins I’ve collected, and what I was doing when I collected them. Some came from my dad, some were from quilt shop hops, others purchased from an artist during an Alaskan cruise.

Now is a good time to get those pins out of your drawer and make a display of your own!

Happy quilting!

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all!

Each year we get a live potted Christmas tree and after the holiday it is planted on our property. This is our 17th Christmas here, but we have plenty of room. (Sometimes too much room!)

I thought it would be fun to look back at some of the trees in the past few years. You’ll notice 2019 doesn’t have a tree because that was the year I had my hip surgery and was simply working on recovery. Sometimes we have a “Charlie Brown” tree, and sometimes it’s a tree that we can barely get in the house, and sometimes it’s an unusual variety of evergreen. But whatever it is, it’s been a great tradition, although sometimes it seems like a lot of work.

This year has definitely not been inspirational for me, and celebrating the holidays might seem overwhelming, but I am looking forward to a fresh start in the new year. I just have to believe that 2021 will be a better year all around. And that’s my Christmas wish for all of you….that the coming year WILL be better and somehow the world will inch forward in a positive direction.

Merry Christmas!

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May Garden

I’ve not stopped working at my usual workplace since this “new reality” began, so I am one of the lucky ones. But I’ve missed seeing my garden…however, if I were to shelter-in-place, this would be a great place to be!

As I’ve learned (and am continuing to learn), everyone has a different opinion of what’s happening to our world. So wherever you are on the thought spectrum, that’s ok. So whenever you are out and about…be mindful of those around you. Be kind.