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What does the Fox say?


For several years I’ve been quilting up dish towels. Yes, you read that correctly! Who knew they could be so fun? I did my first Pottery Barn dish towel back in 2010, and loved it so much I’ve been searching for graphic and colorful dish towels ever since.

So when my “What did the fox say?’ quilt (inspired by my favorite video by Ylvs!) won a ribbon at the 15th Annual Blackberry Jam Quilt Show, I was thrilled!

From dishtowel to art!


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Picnic Napkin FREE download!

picnic napkin

What a cute picnic napkin!

Yes, it’s time to make that reusable picnic napkin you’ve been meaning to make! Years ago Sheila Sinclair Synder and I did some collaboration projects and this was one of them.

For a limited time (or maybe forever?) this pattern is FREE. It doesn’t take much fabric, it doesn’t take much time. Do it today and do your small part to save the planet.

Happy quilting!

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Paper Flowers

I’ve been making paper flowers lately, and here are some that ended up in Wanda N’s hew house. They go amazingly well with that cute wall hanging too, right? And what a nice wall hanging that is.

Coming soon….more pictures of the paper flowers in my studio. I know, I’ve said that before. But really….hear me now and believe me later.

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Sweater Coffee Cozy on Make It Yourself Magazine Blog

Upcycled Sweater Coffee Cozy

This pattern has been re-released on the Make-It-Yourself Magazine blog. Sheila Sinclair Snyder and I collaborated on a bunch of fun ideas for upcycled projects a while back (we really have to do that again!) and this is one of the ideas that came out of that fun brainstorming. I am a coffee girl after all!

Check out MIY’s blog post and make one for yourself today!


  • Sweater sleeve
  • Needle: embroidery
  • Embroidery floss
  • Scraps of felt or felted wool (optional)
  • Snowflake pattern

1. Turn sleeve wrong side out. Cut long edges of the sleeve as necessary to make two pieces with parallel edges (Diagram 1). (We cut ours so it was 5″ wide.) Measuring from the cuff end of the sleeve, cut sleeve so it is about 16″ long. Machine-sew the long edges and the noncuff end closed using a 14” seam (Diagram 2). Turn right side out. Hand- or machine-sew cuff end closed; we covered the cuff end with a strip of felted wool and hand-stitched it in place using embroidery floss (Diagram 3).




2. Wrap the sleeve around a nonhandled mug to determine how tightly you want to wrap the mug cozy; start wrapping the sewn end of the sleeve around the mug (Diagram 4), then overlap the sleeve on top of itself to make the cozy (Diagram 5). Pin the overlap to secure it, then slide off the mug.


3. Using embroidery floss and a whipstitch, hand-stitch over the top and bottom edges of the overlapped area on the sleeve to secure. (Diagram 6).


4. If desired, fuse or sew an embellishment on the mug cozy. (Find the snowflake pattern we used under “Materials”.)