City View Quilt Pattern Available as a download

Finally! Ok, so it took me a few years to get this pattern ready for prime time…but here it is! My “CITY VIEW” quilt pattern, which was featured in Generation Q Magazine way back in 2014 (they named it “city scape:), is finally available as a downloadable pattern on my Etsy site.
It’s easy and fun to make, and looks good in a variety of fabrics! Go modern, or traditional, or whatever you like. If you make one, send me photos! I would absolutely love you see what you’ve done.

Generation Q Magazine with City View Quilt
City View Quilt in Winter 2014 Issue of Generation Q Magazine

Bee well!


What does the Fox say?


For several years I’ve been quilting up dish towels. Yes, you read that correctly! Who knew they could be so fun? I did my first Pottery Barn dish towel back in 2010, and loved it so much I’ve been searching for graphic and colorful dish towels ever since.

So when my “What did the fox say?’ quilt (inspired by my favorite video by Ylvs!) won a ribbon at the 15th Annual Blackberry Jam Quilt Show, I was thrilled!

From dishtowel to art!


Picnic Napkin FREE download!

picnic napkin

What a cute picnic napkin!

Yes, it’s time to make that reusable picnic napkin you’ve been meaning to make! Years ago Sheila Sinclair Synder and I did some collaboration projects and this was one of them.

For a limited time (or maybe forever?) this pattern is FREE. It doesn’t take much fabric, it doesn’t take much time. Do it today and do your small part to save the planet.

Happy quilting!

Paper Flowers

I’ve been making paper flowers lately, and here are some that ended up in Wanda N’s hew house. They go amazingly well with that cute wall hanging too, right? And what a nice wall hanging that is.

Coming soon….more pictures of the paper flowers in my studio. I know, I’ve said that before. But really….hear me now and believe me later.