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Next Level Placemats

Green fabric (I know, my camera didn’t pick up the right color of green that this really is!), a hint of leaves, and a bunch of feathers. A friend needed placemats, and this design just popped out of my brain. Swirly, windy, leafy, feathery fun!

Yep, I did it on my longarm even though they are so tiny (by comparison to a regular sized quilt). It’s super fun to turn my brain loose and see what comes out.

Happy quilting in the new year!

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City View Quilt Pattern Available as a download

Finally! Ok, so it took me a few years to get this pattern ready for prime time…but here it is! My “CITY VIEW” quilt pattern, which was featured in Generation Q Magazine way back in 2014 (they named it “city scape:), is finally available as a downloadable pattern on my Etsy site.
It’s easy and fun to make, and looks good in a variety of fabrics! Go modern, or traditional, or whatever you like. If you make one, send me photos! I would absolutely love you see what you’ve done.

Generation Q Magazine with City View Quilt
City View Quilt in Winter 2014 Issue of Generation Q Magazine

Bee well!

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Quilting: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce, reuse, recycle. That’s something to aspire to these days. So when I find a quilt top that calls out to me because of it’s design or colors, I buy it, quilt it, bind it, and put it back out into the world. Some of them I sell, some of them I donate. This latest one, called “Old Blues,” is up for sale on my account.

I call these “Re-Quilts” and I love searching for them and then finishing them. Finishing is a really good word in my world! Love to finish stuff! So if you are searching for your next project, and think this might be something you want to do, head over to eBay (that’s where I get most of mine) and see what you can find. It feels really good to finish a quilt top and prepare it for it’s “forever home!”

Happy quilting!

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More Dish Towel Fun

Dish towels. Can’t get enough of ’em! They are so fun and easy to quilt up. I have several framed (like The Snow Fox and the Pottery Barn towels). Colorful and fun to

So this latest dish towel find inspired me with it’s camping theme and wild colors. Oh, and camping is top of mind as I’m continuing to explore camping and learning to backpack (got a new Z-Pack backpack for Christmas!) So this dish towel came home with me. Once home I looked in my stash (yep, pretty large) and wouldn’t you know it I had exactly the fabric I needed. Quilters, that’s why collecting fabrics for many years is a good thing! Don’t let anyone tell you differently! (Yes, my code name is “The Enabler.” And why yes, I DO happen to have a cape!)

Notice the chevron motif printed underneath the camper van, then look at the chevron fabric I used at the top and the bottom…can you imagine a better match? Who knows what quilt shop I purchased that at – could have been in California 30 years ago…could have been up in Washington on a road trip a decade ago…could have been somewhere in Oregon at one of our many wonderful shops. (I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast yesterday, let along where I purchased various pieces of fabric.)

After adding the top and bottom chevron fabric, I pieced some chevrons for the sides in matching colors. Yeah, sometimes I CAN get matchy-matchy (but not too often). I haven’t quilted it yet, but it will be something simple. Then it could be framed in an Ikea frame, or I might put a binding on it. Who knows? Each project I make comes together when it comes together. I never know what I’m going to end up with when I start!

Happy quilting!