Craftsy Unlimited

OMG! Craftsy has a new program called “Craftsy Unlimited.” Now you can have access to ALL the classes on their site for only $120 a year. (They also have a monthly subscription for $14.99/month.)

Here’s what you get with the annual subscription:

  • Unlimited access to 3,000 hours of expert videos
  • Exclusive new videos released weekly
  • Experience 17 crafting categories
  • Be a part of a one-of-a-kind creative community
  • 600+ of the world’s leading creative experts
  • Free US shipping on

So I have to admit, I’m thinking about jumping in. I love watching their classes, and now that I have a TV in my sewing studio, it’s so easy to simply start a video and watch while I’m sewing or organizing (yeah, I do a lot of that….how do things get so messy inbetween my sewing sessions?)

A few months back I signed up for an annual subscription for my Cricut Maker, and have been using that quite a bit. I feel good about getting my money’s worth with this sort of thing. I justify all this because I don’t get many magazines any more, so this is just the new magazine subscription I suppose!

Click HERE to sign up for their 7 day free trial!

If you do sign up, let me know how it works out for you. I’d love to hear about your favorite classes.

Happy crafting!



Bagel Breakfast Casserole


I had some “everything” bagels in the freezer (because when I shop at Costco you have to buy 12 bagels at a time!) so I found this recipe and gave it a try. And it turned out pretty yummy. It’s one of those recipes you can make the night before and it soaks up the liquid overnight in the refrigerator and then you pop it into the oven first thing in the morning to bake. Doesn’t work on weekdays, but it’s a treat on the weekends!

Hopefully you can read the recipe from the image below, which I obviously got out of a magazine. Enjoy!

bagel breakfast recipe

Happy holidays!

Adding More Fruits!


Citrus Salad

This was so simple and so yummy. Easy to make. Easy to eat! And oh so pretty.

Below is a photo of the page from Sunset, but here is the official recipe from Sunset Magazine.

No scurvy here! (Well, and when you add in the limes that I put into my Margaritas in the summer month….)

Happy cooking!

Citrus 2

Adding More Veggies!

2015 150

Bean, Sausage & Kale Soup

It’s a new year! I set a goal to make one new recipe a week. Doesn’t sound like much, does it? But I tried this goal last year and failed by late January. So I’m going to try again.

Most of this experimenting is going to happen on the weekend, because by the time I get home from work, I’m not usually feeling all that creative. But weekends will do nicely. The trick for me is to remember write down the ingredient list so at some point during the week I shop for what I need after work so I can actually make the new recipe on the weekend. Again, sounds easy, right? Not so much.

But so far so good. Here is the bean, sausage and kale soup I made yesterday. I scooped it over brown rice and it was really tasty and filling. Yum!

Here is the recipe I used from Bon Appetit. I used less oil because I used pre-cooked Aidell’s sausage instead of the raw stuff, and adjusted the spices a bit. But otherwise pretty close. I really like the trick about putting the Parmesan rind in as flavoring. I also chopped up the kale a bit more than they did and added it in sooner so it was softer. Ok, ok, so I did make a bunch of changes! What’s your point? Do what you like!

And I do believe tomorrow is Monday already. And that means back to work. Not a bad place really. I’m feeling lucky to have a job! So enjoy your week with whatever you are doing!