Quilt Studio Ideas

It’s fun to figure out how to maximize your studio space or add creative features that inspire you. But how about doing both? This fun idea I found from Quilting Arts Magazine does the trick. Using your leftover wine corks, make a chair rail into which you can pin things. From Quilting Arts: “When you’re working in a small space, every inch counts, according to Jacqueline Sava of Soak, Inc. In her offices, she put up a chair rail of wine corks that’s not only decorative (and green), but serves as an idea or memo board. She has some other great tips for maximizing a small work space in the current Studios.”

Good use of wine corks!

Thread, pretty thread!

Oh how quilters love thread! I am still in the process of setting up my longarm quilting studio, but one of the first things I’ve done is my thread cabinet. Why a cabinet? To keep the thread out of the light and dust, of course! I’ve even played with the idea of putting a bowl of water in there. Supposedly thread likes a high moisure content.  But since I live in a watertower (no kidding), I figure there is a lot of moisture around here (more on this topic later!). But seriously, I love all my threads and am working to build up my inventory. More choice is better, right?

My new Gammill arrived!

Yes, I now have a beautiful new Gammill Classic installed and working at my studio. I’m getting to know my new machine and learning the ins and outs of how “she” thinks. Next week I’ll be taking a class on maintenance and business issues which shold be informative. I’m pretty comfortable with the machine given that I’ve been working on a Gammill Optimum for ten months, but each machine is different.  Rumor has it I need to name my new machine, but I haven’t come up with anything “clever” yet.  Any suggestions? Photos to come soon!