Take another look at Fabric.com

Always a good place to look for fabric! Check out what’s new at Fabric.com and see if there isn’t something there for your next project. And check out their “design wall” if you haven’t tried it yet. You can load up swatches on the design wall, and even print it out if you like for future reference….a good tool.

Happy sewing!

In the heat of the summer…

It’s kind of nice to reflect back on Spring! We were visited by an owl, who (ha, ha) appeared to be none worse for the wear after tapping our window. He flew off a few minutes later.

That nice green lawn (aka weeds) isn’t exactly that color any more! But Fall and the rains are coming soon.

Free Sunflower Block Tutorial

QUILTING BLOG: Stitch a Scrappy Sunflower Block With This FREE Tutorial!

What better way to beat the heat than by staying inside and sewing a scrappy sunflower block?

Fields of sunflowers found in the late summer were the inspiration for this quick little scrappy patchwork block, but if you don’t have enough yellow or orange scraps, feel free to make your sunflower any color you choose.

Enjoy and happy quilting!