Customer Order Form

Whether you would like detailed area-specific quilting (border treatments, block treatments) or overall (edge to edge) designs…I like to fit the quilting to the quilt! In addition to the design, thread color is another major decision that can add detail to your quilt. I keep your budget in mind, but I strive to have the quilting enhance the design of your quilt top. I do most everything freehand, but have a few pantographs as well. Please contact me regarding your quilting needs and I’m sure together we can come up with a design that will fit the quilt and your budget!

New Customers

If you are a new customer and would like to have me do your quilting, please send an email through and I will get in touch with you. We will talk about your quilt and what you would like on it. Then if we decide to move forward, we will meet so I can pick up the quilt. I am currently picking up/dropping off quilts at various locations in Eugene, Oregon. If you live outside of the area, shipping your quilt may be our only otion. Check out my Quilt Form so you will know what kinds of questions I will have about your order. It is helpful for you to fill out as much of this form as possible before we meet. I look forward to working with you! Thank you!

Existing Customers

Please print out my Quilt Form and include with your order. Thank you for your continued business!


I always love to know what pattern you used to make your quilt. I usually try to post this information with the quilt pictures on this website so that others can know which patterns they want to try. So whenever possible, please list the name of the pattern on my form.


4 Replies to “Customer Order Form”

  1. Lisa. I have a 60″x72″ quilt top from the pattern “Fabric Dance”. I used white, greys, blacks. I have a black flannel backing and bamboo batting.

    I attempted to machine and hand quilt it myself. Didn’t like my results. After procrastinating for nearly nine months, I decided to rip out the stitches and ask you to quilt it. Are you interested? Wanda

    PS. I’ve received numerous compliments on the quilting you did on my “New York Minute baby blanket.


    1. I would love to do it! Let’s set up a date to meet and we’ll go over some designs. If you want to send me a picture of it first, I can come up with some designs and bring them to our meeting!


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