Quilt Show Entries

Have I done the quilting on a quilt that you are entering in a show somewhere? I’d love to know about it so I can put it in my “Gallery.”  Doesn’t matter if it a judged show or not, it would just be fun to know where your quilts are going. And for that matter, please feel free to send me show information so I can post it for all our quilting friends. Quilters do love shows!


Blackberry Jam Festival Raffle Quilt for 2010

Our local group of quilters, the Pine Needler’s, created a really fun log cabin quilt in colors of raspberry, blackberry, and boysenberry to be raffled off at the 2010 Blackberry Jam Festival in Lowell, Oregon. It is now in the hands of Teri (creator of the really great Porta-Board for quilters), who is binding it. We should have it back to the group by our January meeting and will start selling tickets. Tickets (because I know you will want some) sell for $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00. All the monies raised go back into our small town of Lowell in places like the schools, parks, and covered bridge. So stay tuned for pictures coming soon!

My new Gammill arrived!

Yes, I now have a beautiful new Gammill Classic installed and working at my studio. I’m getting to know my new machine and learning the ins and outs of how “she” thinks. Next week I’ll be taking a class on maintenance and business issues which shold be informative. I’m pretty comfortable with the machine given that I’ve been working on a Gammill Optimum for ten months, but each machine is different.  Rumor has it I need to name my new machine, but I haven’t come up with anything “clever” yet.  Any suggestions? Photos to come soon!

Innovations Longarm Convention

New technique learned from Pam ClarkeI spent several days in Tacoma, Washington enjoying the weather (who knew?) while attending my first longarm convention. There were longarm manufacturers, vendors, a quilt show, and lots of classes for the taking. Out of the five classes I took, I really enjoyed the ones given by Pam Clarke and Sue Patten. Skill combined with humor and intelligence in these two women who really made the learning fun. I’ve already put some of my learning to use in my latest longarm quilt adventure (thank you to the lovely quilter from Eugene, Oregon who made the quilt)…see photo above.