2021 Quilt Show Community Donations

The 2021 Diamonds in the Rough Quilt Show was a huge success! My quilt group, the Pine Needlers, has held this show annually for 17 years. We’ve been in five different locations over the years, but no matter what comes our way (including a drive-thru show during the pandemic), we’ve held our show for the community.

This year we we are donating $3,600 to the following organizations:

$1,200 Lowell Rural Fire Protection District

$1,200 Lowell Food Pantry

$600 Lowell/Fall Creek Education Foundation

$360 City of Lowell to help residents behind on water/sewer bills

$240 Highway58Herald in Oakridge

All the money we raise goes back into the community or to our very few show expenses. A big thank you to all the people that support the sale of raffle tickets, and who purchase quilts and raffle baskets at the show, so that we can keep giving money to our community!

And of course, without the members of the Pine Needlers, and some of their spouses, for helping each year to organize and do the heavy lifting to make this show happen. This year we lost one of our founding members, Gerry Burr. We miss her terribly as we relied on her wonderful sense of humor and smile, her wicked-good quilting abilities, and her common-sense approach to difficult conversations. There is no doubt her spirit will live on in all our future quilting endeavors.

For more information about the quilt show, check out our website: https://bbjamquiltshow.wordpress.com/

Quilt Donation to Docs and Ducks

The last time I donated to Docks & Ducks was in 2019 for their annual fundraising auction. It’s so frustrating that COVID once again stopped good things from happening. While the organizers are holding a smaller affair this year, it’s good to see that they are starting up again, and hopefully will be on their way to Guatemala soon, once again.

For more information about their cause, head over to their Facebook page or learn more about the Cascade Medical Team on their website.

I am thrilled to be able to support them in this small way!

Three Sisters Wilderness Day Hike

Long drive, but worth it! A day hike in the Three Sisters Wilderness area. Not many people on the trail in the fall, but we saw trail runners, a group of dads with kids, and some old folks (like us!). A beautiful weather day and there was only a little snow on the ground in spots, not bad for a late September day.

And then a wonderful lunch at the Elk Lake Resort. Resort is an interesting word that gets used a lot in Oregon. You can decide for yourself. But in any case, the food was good and very satisfying after miles on the trail.

We will be back!

Divide Lake Backpacking

Finally. My first backpacking adventure of the season. Yes, a bit late, but because of all the smoke, we wanted to wait until the air cleared. And it was worth the wait! Just a one-nighter, but a fantastic trial run.

Hopefully there will be more to come….but with snow coming, it may have to wait until next year.