A knitting we will GO!

My new favorite hobby! Knitting. Yep, as a quilter I went over to the “dark side.” But I’ve found, as all knitters before me, that it’s easy to work on knitting projects in the car, to stop and start them; which just isn’t the case with sewing.

My favorite designer is Elizabeth Smith (photo credit to her on the right!). I’ve made several of her patterns and they are all wonderful and have excellent directions and photos. I’ve made her Saturday Sleeves, Castaway Top, Summer Soundtrack Cowl….and I have her Summer Soundtrack Top and Poncheta in my queue.

The picture on the left is my version of her Summer Soundtrack Cowl. And I’m now working on her Summer Soundtrack Top because I liked the pattern no much. And no, I’m not an affiliate, I don’t know her personally, I just happen to like her designs: simple and modern. And because I’m a new knitter, I’ve found that her directions are clear and understandable.

If you are a knitter, happy knitting!


MECCA is moving

I just heard that MECCA in Eugene is moving! Over the years I’ve donated lots of fabric and other crafty things as they have a wonderful mission of spreading arts and crafts in our community. Exciting times! And they are asking for your help. So check out their website and see if you are interested in helping in one way or another.

From their latest communication:

For some time now, MECCA has been daydreaming about moving into a bigger space so that we can grow our community impact, and this summer, our dreams will come true!  Our new home will be located just down the road at 5th and High, formerly occupied by St. Vincent de Paul, and will more than double our space to learn, create, and nurture sustainable makers. It will give us greater ability to bring forth programs that just weren’t possible in our old home – such as hosting workshops and a recycled art gallery – and will allow for improved ADA accessibility and a more enjoyable shopping experience for our entire community.

A bigger space will help us create a bigger impact. I’m writing today to ask for your support to help us transition into our new home. With every curveball that’s come our way over the last couple of years, your support has helped us continue diverting materials from the waste stream for the benefit of our community’s creativity and environmental footprint. This move will be transformative for our organization, and we are so excited for what is to come!

Irish Coffee Cake from Craftsy Class

While I was sewing this week, I was watching a Craftsy class. This “Irish Whisky Cake” looked easy and fast and pretty spectacular. So I gave it a try.

Sure enough, it was as easy as the class video said it would be! Darned if I don’t love my premium membership. I can watch any class at any time. And while I don’t have a lot of time to watch the classes, they certainly are fun to flip through until I find one like this, that inspires me.

Since the cake is a combination of coffee and chocolate, I thought I’d use Kahlua instead of Whisky for the whipped cream. Sure enough, it tasted pretty good. I didn’t have the white chocolate and dark chocolate bars the curls called for, so I substituted your basic Hershey’s Milk chocolate and the curls came out just fine. I did small ones using my potato peeler. I’m nothing if not flexible when it comes to chocolate!

So whether watch one class, or become a premium member, Craftsy will fill up your afternoon with fun!

Click here to go to Craftsy.com!

accuquilt Promotion

Thinking about getting a new accuquilt machine or already have one? Either way, there are inspiring projects and ideas coming from this March 29th online event. There will be special discount promotions and chances to win prizes from Andover. Have fun!

When: Tuesday, Mar 29 from 10-11 PST
Click here to register!