Thread Bowl Kits

Towerhouse Thread Bowls (2)Decorative bowls made from thread! I use leftover thread from my longarm work…there sure is a lot of it, so I created this Thread Bowl Kit.

The Kit includes the instructions, enough thread to do a small bowl, and the water-soluable stabilizer that makes it work. All you add is a bit more thread to sew it enough to hold it together. You can also add fabric snipets or other fun accents as long as they can be sewn in.

Order one for you and a friend and have a fun crafty moment! Please specify the color you would like.  In addition to the above blue, white, and green color choices, I can put together multi-color, red, gray-black, or almost any color selection you desire. So fun!

$10 + $3.95 shipping

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