My stash is overflowing with quilts. It’s a problem! So I’m happy to offer up some of my quilts for sale. I also have an Etsy shop where more are available. Just go to my site at

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Happy Scrappy Quilt

Happy Scrappy $100

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I love scrappy quilts and this is an example of a completely scrappy “refrigerator” quilt. 63″ x 64″ Fun and cheerful to say the least. The back is also scrappy. The quilting pattern I stitched is a gentle wave going back and forth across the quilt.

Scrappy Log Cabin Quilt designed by Lisa Bee-Wilson

Scrappy Log Cabin Quilt

Scrappy Log Cabin Quilt $400

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This beauty is made with hundreds of fabrics and sewn in the traditional “barn raising” pattern. Custom quilting tops it off nicely. Hobbs 80/20 batting will take repeated washings.

I am a longarm quilter, so I enjoy experimenting with different quilting patterns. Most of the newer ones I quilted, but there are a few in my stash that were quilted by others before I got my Gammill. All my quilts are made with 100% cotton quilt weight fabrics. Binding finishing is stitched down by hand. Battings are usually Hobbs 80/20 or Warm & Natural, but may vary (and some of my older quilts I don’t remember which type I put in!) Most of these quilts are being offered at well below cost.

I also have several quilting friends (as you might imagine!) and you may also see their quilts up for sale from time to time as well. These are all very talented women who stitch with great care and have very high quality work. Some of them quilt using a regular machine and some of them quilt on longarms, but all of their work is wonderful. So if you are looking for a unique gift made in America, this is the place. You will be supporting American craftswomen.

Please contact me if you have questions about any of the quilts or would like additional photos. I will ship anywhere in the US. Payment methods include PayPal or cash (if local), but will take a personal check (shipping will occur after it has cleared). I can be reached via email at lisa[at]towerhousepeople[dot]com


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