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Halloween 2016

Well yes, as a matter of fact, I am a bit late posting these photos. What’s that you say? Slacker? Well perhaps. Or maybe I just got busy preparing for my next party.

In any case, you can see that we had a great time. The costumes this year were once again AMAZING. I left out names to protect the innocent. But wait…there were no innocents.

I can hardly wait until next year……..!!

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Bagel Breakfast Casserole


I had some “everything” bagels in the freezer (because when I shop at Costco you have to buy 12 bagels at a time!) so I found this recipe and gave it a try. And it turned out pretty yummy. It’s one of those recipes you can make the night before and it soaks up the liquid overnight in the refrigerator and then you pop it into the oven first thing in the morning to bake. Doesn’t work on weekdays, but it’s a treat on the weekends!

Hopefully you can read the recipe from the image below, which I obviously got out of a magazine. Enjoy!

bagel breakfast recipe

Happy holidays!

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Holiday Art Faire in Eugene

2016 HOliday Art Faire
For those of you who live in the Eugene area, this holiday sale is a fabulous one to attend. There are many artists and lots of great gift items. Or of course you can get just the perfect item for YOURSELF!

December 2 – 4, 2016

2521 Moon Mountain Drive, Eugene

Happy Holidays!

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My New Quilt Pattern: Mountain Top

Mt Top Quilt

This is my new quilt pattern! I call it Mountain Top. It was inspired by the mountains of Oregon that surround me.

I’ve loaded it up to so you can download the pattern immediately and start working on it right away! I love Craftsy for that reason. And, the folks at Craftsy give 100% of the sale of the pattern to the designer; no fees, no hassle. It’s a wonderful thing for them to do (most online services charge the designer a fee) so please support Craftsy whenever possible with purchasing a class, or some fabric, or something. I think they are doing amazing things and I so appreciate what they are doing to promote the small, independent designer like myself.

So if you want to purchase my pattern, it is only $5.00 and you can buy it here. This link will take you to where you can purchase the pattern.

I have other patterns listed at Craftsy as well, so check those out too. You might find just the right one you need to make for yourself, for a gift, or for that special friend.

Thank you for your support!