Heart Baby Quilt

Pretty cute right? The Pine Needlers really came up with a great baby quilt this time. This one is for Marlene’s second baby girl. And it was a pretty simple design because it was a raw edge technique. But it looks complicated! And the quilted hearts look really cool!

Kudos to Teri H. for coming up with this idea!
Marlene K's baby quilt from Pine Needlers


Springtime Baby Quilt

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My customer, Wanda N. created this quilt and it is just so cute and colorful. The large-scale prints really stand out in her blocks, and she put a lot of solids in it which are an opportunity-waiting-to-happen as far as I’m concerned! So we decided it had spaces for some really fun quilting patterns and so that’s what I did. Wanda really thinks outside of the box and so it’s always fun to see what she has come up with.

So……the lesson here? Solids are in and fashionable again, so use ’em ladies! They are really neat spaces that let your quilting shine!

Happy quilting!

Holly Hobby Baby Quilt

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Another great-grandbaby and Shirley D makes another quilt! Her family is so lucky! She is an amazing quilter…such detailed work on the applique with ribbon and lace and such.

Happy quilting! And get out and enjoy the sunshine (if you have some in your area)!