Tranquil Forest Pattern For Sale

With the encouragement of my quilt group, The Pine Needlers, and my mentor Sheila Sinclair Synder, I’ve finally produced my first quilt pattern! I love making new quilts and coming up with new designs. Sometimes simple is best, and this quilt is a good one for the first time quilter, or for a quick baby quilt. The crib-sized quilt top can be cut and pieced together in a weekend. Then depending on how crazy you want to quilt it, that will take a bit longer!! (And yes, I quilted it “CRAZY!”)

I did a crib-sized quilt using some colorful prints out of my stash. And speaking of that, this is a good one to use up some of your stash on because it looks great scrappy.

Tranquil Forest Quilt cropped004 Tranquil Forest Quilt 006 Tranquil Forest Quilt 007 

My quilt group used this as the pattern for their 2012 raffle quilt. They used a more sophisticated color palette and limited the number of fabrics used to achieve a more subdued look. It turned out wonderfuly….and I hope you are enjoying it Virginia! (The winner of this year’s quilt!)


Hop on over to my Shop page and you’ll find the pattern for sale! It’s only $8.00 and that includes the shipping! So get one for yourself, and a gift for a friend.  Enjoy! And happy quilting!


Baby Quilts

Dianna's Baby Quilt
Dianna's Baby Quilt

This cute baby quilt is actually two-sided. Dianna pieced both the front and the back, making this a wonderful and fun baby quilt.  We decided the best way to quilt it was with a simple overall pattern so that it showed well on both sides. Using a variegated pink thread, I did a “curl” overall pattern. It was done fairly tightly so that it would hold up to many years of use and washing. Fun!

Happy quilting!