Birthday Memory Table Runner

Birthday Memory Table Runner

My new pattern is available for download now on! I call it the Birthday Memory Table Runner (thank you Gerry for suggesting the name change!). It’s a cute little 24″ x 40″ table runner and is easy to make.

A bit of machine applique, some large piecing, and a bit of hand-binding and you’ll have yourself the cutest little table runner on the planet. (Yeah, I’m not biased.)

The idea is that you bring this out each year from your baby’s first to fifth birthday and have all your party guests sign their names and birthday wishes in permanent marker. Then after the fifth birthday party, you have a wonderful keepsake. And I suppose you could make another one for birthdays 6-10! Just keep it going! Why not?

If you do purchase this $5.00 downloadable pattern, I thank you for your support! I’ve done the math and designing for you, so you just need to get out your fabric and dive in! And if you like this pattern, don’t forget to spread the word and tell all your friends. Heck, it’s OK with me if you even tell your enemies! (But you don’t have any, do you?)

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(On the off-chance there is an error in the pattern, you should head directly to your computer and email me!)