Antique Applique Quilt

Joyce used blocks from her grandmother and mother, and finished up this quilt by adding a few more blocks to it. There is such wonderful detail in the applique work!

The feather border and feathered wreaths really add to the old-world feel of it I think. Enjoy!

Happy quilting!


Quilt Memories

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This quilt has many memories. Chris and her sister worked on it over the years with their mom. Now that their mom is moving into a new stage in her life, it’s time to finish it up, or as Chris would say, “Get ‘er done!”  It’s such a beautiful and calming quilt, and when their girls look at it, hopefully they will remember all the good times with their mom.

In keeping with the feel of the original quilting – some of the quilting had been done – I did a 1/4″ stitch away from the seam in both directions. And then to add a little something, around the border and into the corners I did some feathers. It still has an old-fashioned feel, but with a little something special. Something special; just like the relationship between a mother and daughters.

Happy quilting!

Continuous Curve Quilting

Anna's Quilt

Anna's QuiltThe beautiful simplicity of this quilt called out for something just as calming, so I chose the “continuous curve” style of quilting. The back is a muslin and the pattern really shows up nicely there as well.

Happy quilting!

Feedsack Bow Tie Quilt

I was lucky enough to get to work on this lovely, old Bow Tie quilt that my customer, Azalea found. The quilt has many old fabrics in it, and some of them appear to be feedsacks. I wanted to keep the “antique” feel of this quilt, even though it was going to be machine quilted. So I searched on the web and found some bow tie quilts from the 1860’s and looked at how they were quilted. Since they were hand quilted in a mostly linear fashion, I tried to keep with that feeling in my quilting pattern. And I think the results are really fun! Happy quilting!

Bow Tie top
Bow Tie back
Close up