Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Quilt

This quilt is a beautiful representation of one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s stained glass windows. I was so impressed when I saw Sharon’s quilt, I just had to have the book, so I purchased “Quilts in the Tradition of Frank Lloyd Wright” from

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My customer didn’t want any batting in the quilt because she was using it as a duvet cover. So she had me quilt it onto a basic white muslin. The stitching is all linear to match the feel of the quilt; long lines of straight stitching (not always easy on a longarm!). But the results are beautiful and really enhance the quilt. Happy quilting!

Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Quilt
Linear Stitching


Old-Fashioned Quilt “Look”

How to take a new quilt and make it look old-fashioned? That was a recent request which got me thinking. My customer stitched a beautiful jelly roll into an antique looking quilt top. She had a plain white backing. So what to do? Well, after much delay (because I was thinking about it!), I came up with an idea of using the “Terry Twist” design on the colored squares (big and small) and a linear design around each white rectangle. It ended up being a design in a design because a tiny square was created in the corner of each bigger rectangle because of the way I did the stitching. In order not to break the threads, I did a lot of rolling on the machine…up and down….down and up….so that each stitching line was cohesive. But it was worth the effort I think. Happy quilting!

Terry Twist & Rectangle design
Back of quilt