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Cricut for the Holidays

Oh my gosh I love using my Cricut Maker! These cute little boxes were designed for me so all I had to do was push the button. Well I also had to pick out the paper color….does that count as designing the boxes? Ha!

I made a bunch of these for my crew at my new job. Filled them with chocolate Hershey’s Kisses. It’s so fun to be able to do this! Can’t wait for the next holiday….

Happy Holidays!

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BOGO 50% Cricut Sale

This week, Cricut is featuring the buy one, get one 50% off back-to school sale! This sale features BOGO 50% off many great items including accessories, cutting materials, and mats, blades & tools. In addition to the sale, sign up for Cricut Access and be eligible for 10% off Maker. Make sure to tell your readers to take advantage of these great savings today! is offering Free shipping (US & Canada) on orders of $99+ with code: AUGSHIP.

I just did my first vinyl project on my SUP. So now whenever I get a scratch on my board, I can put a vinyl decal of some sort….he, he! I absolutely LOVE my Cricut Maker!

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Fonts for Cricut Maker

I’ve really got to spend some time with my Cricut Maker this weekend. It’s been weeks since we’ve “been together.” Hmmmm….what gets in the way? Well, my 40 hour week job plus commute time for one. Darn it! (But I have to make money to pay for these fonts, right?)

Need more fonts? Can you ever have enough? I’m always finding more fun ones to add to my system. Cricut is always offering up font bundles which are worth checking out.

And if those don’t work for you, check out Each week on Wednesdays they offer up new free fonts which you can download. I think you can grab them for a week until they put up a new offer. So check it out!

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Christmas Cards made with Cricut

I’ve been practicing with my new Cricut Maker machine! These are a couple of cards I designed myself. Yes, I still have much to learn, but it’s really fun experimenting.

I search for images and then put them into a card shape. Then the magic begins….slicing, attaching, grouping. At this point it’s a matter of luck, but I’m starting to figure out the software. I signed up for Cricut Access so I would be able to make things right away. And it’s been wonderful. The projects are really fun and easy.

Quilting still may be my “bread and butter,” but the Cricut Maker is a really fun tool to add to my toolbox.

Merry Christmas!