Free Projects

How about a FREE project from C&T Publishing? Looking for something to do? Tired of the same old thing? So check out these free projects. There are tons and tons of them, and one might just be right for you.

And then just because it’s the middle of winter, I thought I’d brighten your day with some summer flowers from my garden!


C&T Publishing Sale!

Stuck at home? Looking for that next project? Check out C&T Publishing’s sale now through October 19th. Maybe there is something there to inspire you! Happy quilting or knitting or reading or ….. !

Great Books at C&T Publishing

Check out the latest books from C&T Publishing! Beautiful books, cool wheels, games, calendars, notions, patterns, and free projects! There just might be something there you need (want?) to have. Or maybe you just want to see your local FedEx or UPS driver? Either way, it’s all good!