Safari Squares

This was a fun quilt to work on. I created two different border treatments, one circles and one rectangular-ish (shown here).  These border treatments were inspired by Laura Lee Fritz’s book, “Creative Classics 250 Playful Continuous-Line Quilting Designs.” Each of the on-point squares, both cream and dark, I filled with a freehand square design. The “baguette” color from Signature Threads blended well on both the light and dark areas of the quilt.  And a big thank you to Robin — I shouldn’t be allowed to have so much fun!



A few years ago my friend Leslie and I decided to do a collaboration. We live hundreds of miles apart, so we mailed the quilt project back and forth. Well, now it is about three years later (or more because I’ve lost count), and it’s almost finished! Yes, that’s right. Years. I know, I know. Why so long? Well, we both have been busy with lots of projects, family events, and well…

One of the things I like to do at the beginning of the year is finish things. So this collaboration project was due for finishing! I got out the pieces, put them together, quilted it and tomorrow it goes in the mail to her! She doesn’t know it’s coming (should I email her to let her know?) so that should be fun when she sees it. Or maybe I’ll send her this link…

Fun with Flowers

Today I worked on a quilt that was a customer’s very first quilt. How fun is that? I wanted to make it special, yet affordable for her.  For the design we came up with a basic meander, except for the small white border where I put a flower and leaf meandering vine. Not sure how well this will show up, so I’ve added a photo of the back of the quilt as well. I think it turned out really cute! Happy quilting!