Quilting Away the Day

Getting things wrapped up for the holidays and quilts out the door. Here are a few I’ve worked on recently. I get to see such a wide range of quilt designs…so fun! I never know what my customers will come up with next.

Happy quilting!


Baptist Fan Inspired Overall Pattern

519.Martha A 519.Martha AI just love this quilting pattern. I’ve done different variations over the years, but think I have finally combined enough guts and inspiration to pull off all the backtracking at high speed.  It reminds me of a Baptist Fan baptist fan line drawingexcept in a more informal way. And it looks great on modern quilts as well as traditionally styled quilts. On Martha A’s quilt shown here, I used a Signature 40 Cotton Solid Colors 700 Yards-Soft White for the quilting which just looked great in both the white and patterned areas. Oh what a great texture it has!

Or if you have a big longarm machine, you might want this size: Signature 100%Ctn Quilt Thread 3000yd White

This quilt was found by Martha on Pinterest and was made by Tin Whistle. Check out more about this Disappearing Four  Patch on her blog!

Happy quilting!

Pretty Stars

Oooo! Pretty stars on a white background. Lora S. did a fabulous job choosing the fabrics for this happy and fresh quilt. To quilt it, I chose swirls of different sizes using white thread to match the background. This particular quilting pattern was inspired by a design from Sheila Sinclair Snyder’s latest book, “Addicted to Free Motion Quilting” (which I am!). If you want to try some of your own quilting, this is a great book to add to your bookshelf.

Happy quilting!

Zebra-Inspired Quilting on Baby Quilt

This very sweet baby quilt made by Kim K. is a treasure. The twirling windmill pattern pops off the white background, and the mixed fabric border is a great way to mix it up. The flannel backing fabric was a wild black and blue zebra pattern, so that inspired Kim to ask for a zebra pattern overall quilting.

So I parked my Land Rover (oops, don’t own one), put away my rifle (just kidding, don’t own that either) and stored my supplies neatly in my tent (not really). As soon as the sun came up the next day, after fortifying myself with a hearty breakfast, I got into my khakis and hoofed it over to my longarm machine where my inner-zebra came out in thread! Ha!

Happy quilting!