New York Minute

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Joyce W. created this very fun New York Minute quilt. She modified it a bit to make it wider and it looks great. Using Taffeta and Berry Wine threads, I stitched all sorts of fun patterns in various areas.

For more about this pattern, check out the pattern designer, Sheila Sinclair Snyder’s website License to Quilt. She has patterns and kits for sale!


Feathers Everywhere

Lori K made this beautiful old-fashioned looking quilt and wanted a quilting style that matched that feeling. So feathers it was! Feathers in the outer border, feathers in the inner border, and an overall feather design on the interior areas as well. I used thread to match in each area. Enjoy this quilt Lori!

Happy quilting!

Black Star Quilt

This was a fun one to work on. Wanda K’s quilt was a flourish of tan and taupe squares with a beautiful black star off center. This quilt was talking to me and calling out for something special. So I created faux shapes (similar to the middle of the star) and quilted those at random places within the quilt. The top and bottom borders were a bit larger than the sides, so I emphasized those by quilting in a different shape there. Threads were matched as best as possible to the black and tan areas.

Happy quilting!