Feathers and Beyond!

Feathers are just darned fun I say! I took a picture of the back of Joyce’s quilt because it was easier to see the feather meander. And what’s not to like about mustard colored thread on purple fabric. Yeah, I know, it’s the little things in life! And on the front of her quilt you can see the little trailing leaf border I did in green.  Happy quilting!

Feather Meander
Little Leaf Border

Border Swirls

It’s fun to try to come up with a border that fits the quilt. In this case the border fabric had some swirls in it, and I thought a meandering freehand curvy, swirly (yes, that’s a technical term) would be appropriate. A little stitch in the ditch to separate the border from the body of the quilt, and presto-change-o….a fun border is the result. I took the picture of the back of the quilt because the backing fabric allowed the quilting to show better. Happy quilting!

Swirly Curvy Border Treatment